maanantai 18. maaliskuuta 2013


 There's days when one doesn't have time for anything but a cup of Starbucks for breakfast, and then, thank goodness, there's days when you get to really sit down and admire the secret venues of the city you live in. Feeling like a princess, just a little bit.

What did the girl wear? A Zara blazer, a Zara blouse, French Connection Jeans and a Michael Kors bag. 

How was the start of your week?


miss Dandizette 


The man at BBC weather forecast seems to disapprove, but I personally think it's high time for the spring to finally make its way to London. Hence, a pair of ballerinas is very much needed. These pretty ones were found at.. surprisingly, pretty ballerina. 

In addition, noting recent hectiness in er, life, this Clinique anti-puff product has been amazing.