perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2013

un petit getaway

Don't get me wrong. I love London. At times, however, one needs 36 hours to refresh ones brain. So I called a friend and took the plane et voilà, ready for fresh morning croissants. 

 Wet Pa Quin, we don't mind. Even the rain's smells a bit sweeter. Can it be?
La journée peut commencer. Oh, wait, n'est pas before a cup of that beautifully strong Lavazza.
 Inspirational patterns as ever.
 the Embarassing Tourist Picture. Still a way to go for that real 'je n'aime rien, je suis parisien' status. Sadly.
 The window's at Chanel..
Led us to the Grand Palais. Had seen Karl in Saatchi already, it was yet fun to see the amazing pictures in a very different setting.
 Too bad the poster stayed in Paris, although is under very good day-care till picking it up.
Long walks and cathching up with the frenchies.
Checking some haute-cauture art..
 and some Da Vinci set up.
 Le pond des arts as lovely as ever..
 and a new lock to be added any time soon?
 eternal love for the city of love,

miss Dandyzette